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“Have you ever wondered why we go the extra mile to support you? It’s because sometimes, all you require in life is a sense of family. We’re here to be your movie night family, whenever you need us.”

Lina Abu Rezeq

Lina Abu Rezeq

Director | Producer

Mahmoud Srour

Mahmoud Srour


Sameer Abu Rezeq

Sameer Abu Rezeq

Animation Artist

Ali Abu Rezeq

Ali Abu Rezeq



What They Say


What's the process for making a creative video?


Starting with collaborative brainstorming, we shape ideas into a coherent narrative. Through refinement, your vision transforms
into a compelling concept, setting the stage for an exceptional visual journey.


From planning to filming and editing, our meticulous process turns concepts into captivating visuals. Experience seamless
coordination, attention to detail, and cinematic brilliance in every frame.


Once filming and editing are complete, our delivery process ensures your project is polished and ready for its audience. We
provide a seamless handover, ensuring your video shines across platforms, captivating viewers and making an impactful

Winning Awards & Certificates

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